Diagnostic Atlas Of Retinal Diseases

This 3 volume set offers a comprehensive compilation which presents detailed information about ophthalmic (retinal, vitreous and macular) diseases. Key features of this set include: 

  • Emphasis on practical features of clinical diagnosis
  • Concise and didactic presentation of key manifestations of diseases designed for rapid reference and target recall 
  • A vast selection of illustrations to sharpen clinical problem-solving skills - step by step treatment approaches to enhance the reader's ability to handle medical cases
  • Citations or relevant research articles in each chapter for further reading 

The first volume of this set brings information about retinal vascular diseases, choroidal neovascularization related diseases, vitreomacular interface, and other macular disorders. 

The second volume of this set covers several choroid and retinal disorders including, commotio retinae, choroidal rupture and macular trauma, retinal breaks and detachment, and a variety of congenital / genetic eye diseases such as Best's disease and Stargardt disease. 

The third volume of this set covers eye infections (bacterial and viral), inflammatory disorders and neoplasms. 

Written by a group of retina specialists, this book is an excellent resource for knowledge about retinal disorders. The streamlined format and evidence based medicine presented in the volume make this book the perfect reference for medical students, residents, general ophthalmologists, retina fellows and specialists.